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General rules for Residents and Visitors02/02/2018


1. Respect and be gentle with caregivers, medical staff and other members.

2. Keep your room clean, neat. No littering.

3. Maintain a safe and secure environment. No guests are permitted in your room during the break period. No quarrels. No fights. Please don’t speak loudly, pace, or turn the radio/TV on during the break period. Please don’t stay up too late past 9:00 PM and don’t wake up or switch on the lights before 5:00 AM.

4. Follow daily schedules of Nursing home

5. Never go out of the Center if you haven’t gone through the proper procedure.

6. Do not bring valuable assets into the Center. You must inform us and follow the procedure for storing your valuable assets or cash of VND 50,000 or more. We will not be responsible for any loss if you don’t follow our procedure.

7. Personal items will be marked with the resident’s name and managed by our staff.

8. Please consciously use and preserve facilities and the property. Residents are not allowed to change rooms or move personal items without our arrangement.

9. Alcohol possession or consumption is prohibited. Smoking of any kind is not permitted either.

10. Residents are not allowed to keep medicine or food without permissionfrom the staff. You have to take medicine under the guidance and supervision of our caregivers.



1. Visiting hours:

  • Morning: 8:00AM – 11:00AM

  • Afternoon: 3:00PM – 5:00PM 

All visitors need to sign in upon entering the Center.

2. Visits should not be planned during lunchtime and in the evening (after 9:00PM).

3. Visitors are not allowed to bring the resident’s belongings out of the Center without our manager’s consent.

4. No smoking in Nursing home.

5. Please don’t feed the resident without our manager’s consent.

6. Please don’t give money, wine or beer to the resident. If you have some gifts or want to give the resident money, please inform our office and give them to our office staff first.

7. Absolutely do not give money to any other staff.

8. Please don’t enter any areas other than the resident’s place.

9. Please get permission from the manager before reading our documents orrecords.

10. If you want to take the resident out for a home visit, please inform us at least 01 day in advance and follow our procedure. We only consider a request from the one who signed the admission agreement. In the event that you’re not available to pick up the resident, please have a power of attorney notarized by your employer or local authorities. 

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