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Mission - Vision - Core vales26/04/2017


Binh My Nursing Home is a care center for the elderly and the community.

Our mission is to foster betterboth physical and mental health for our residents.

We pledge to provide a caring, dedicated, friendly living environment that meets the needs and satisfaction of the community.

We create an active workplace environment that every member shares a common goal. From that point, new values will be created for shareholders and the community.


Binh My Nursing Home will dedicate ourselves to provide physical and mental health care and services for the Vietnamese elderly in Vietnam and from overseas.

We have built and will develop a professional system of nursing homes that provides perfect health care, housing and community services for the elderly.

Core values

The principles that guide our work:

+ Gentleness - Compassion - Patience: We always take care of our residents devotedly, responsibly and compassionately.

+ Caring : We want our residents to have happiness. We give our sincere care and love to them as much as they’re our family.

+ Profession : We guarantee to provide the best and highest level of qualityservice