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Our History30/04/2017

His father fought a long battle against stroke, during which he worked very hard to keep his father’s spirits up. Sadly, he lost his father to the illness. Despite the great loss, however, he described it as a spiritual calling that changed his life. Mr. Trung Anh Bui, the founder, decided he would embrace a personal mission to give the elderly a place to feel respected, healthy, secure, comfortable and happy in the final stages of life.

 Binh My Nursing Home was opened to provide everything the residents need (physically, emotionally and spiritually) with the mission to help the elderly “Live Happy - Live Healthy - Live Longer”.

A new health care service for older adults presents difficult challenges. In addition to big investments in infrastructure and equipment, the problem of finding clients to serve was also a challenge he faced when trying to grow the care center. In Vietnamese culture, moving elderly parents to a nursing home seemed foreign, cold and impossible to utter. But with a determined and strong faith, Mr. Trung and his staff began the long training necessary to develop Binh My Nursing Home as the best elder care center. It is the first private care provider for older adults in Ho Chi Minh City that was licensed by Department of Labor, War Invalids and Social Affairs.

Continuous training and cooperation with partners in Japan, Taiwan, America, Germany and Singapore also keep Mr. Trung and his employees on the cutting edge of developments. They are highly trained, knowledgeable and extremely caring. Mr. Trung and the staff often talk to the residents to learn about their personal care needs. They work closely with each resident and their family to insure that they get the care that they need.


Binh My Nursing Home has expanded year by year and now it is serving a growing number of older adults not only from Ho Chi Minh City but also nearby areas and overseas. We provide a comfortable, healthy, full of friendship and love and home-like environment for the residents. It’s what they deserve after giving so much of themselves. For families, we can put you at ease and help you to find the perfect home for your loved ones.