Price list and procedures for the Nursing Home

Binh My Nursing Home respectfully sends to Customers, Family and Elderly Relatives the price list of services and procedures.

Binh My Nursing Home provides the following care services:

1   Rehabilitation
2   Dementia
3   After a stroke, a stroke
4   After treatment in the hospital, the last stage
5   Disabled and autistic children
6   According to the needs of the family



2.1. Charges:

    • Comprehensive care package
05 Person Month 9.000.000 – 11.000.000
02 Person Month 12.000.000 – 15.000.000
01 Person Month 16.000.000 – 18.000.000
Intensive care (ICU) Month 11.000.000 – 13.000.000
The above fee is fixed, does not change during the time of EL in VDL
    • Some other costs incurred (if any)
1   Take care to eat through the sonde Month 1.000.000
2   Take care of the endotracheal opening Month 1.500.000
3   Take care of the sores Month 1.000.000 – 3.000.000
4   Uniform fee Year 750.000 
5   International Events for the Elderly 01/10 Year 500.000
6   Lunar New Year (if the elderly stay for Tet activities) Year 3.000.000
7   Personal supplies: blankets, drafts, pillows, mattresses, … Year Miễn phí
8   Entertainment equipment, communication devices (phone, ipad, …) Year Miễn phí
9   Recurring events, festivals (birthday gifts, games, …) Year Miễn phí
10   Activities to visit – periodically picnic Month Miễn phí


    • Each Elderly person registered to the Binh My Nursing Home will pay a deposit of 10,000,000 VND (Ten million VND even). This money is used in cases where the person staying in a Nursing Home has to go to an emergency hospital or receive medical treatment in the hospital. If not used, the Institute is responsible for paying back the above amount when liquidating the contract.
    • The cost for the elderly Viet Kieu or the foreigner will not change (regardless of nationality). If applying for long-term stay, the Institute will support visa extension and long-term temporary residence registration for the elderly people mentioned above.n.

2.2. Benefit:

      • ​To rest and live in a safe and clean environment, suitable for the elderly at the Institute and with the support of nurses and nurses.
      • Daily care, food and personal hygiene.
      • If it is necessary to use special medicines such as antibiotics, drugs for treating acute or chronic illnesses, electromagnetism, hydrometer, … and other items such as wheelchairs, diapers, eating tubes, urinals, … Families must pay according to the item of expenses incurred each month or bring it to the Nursing Home.
      • Elderly people will be provided with a full range of personal items: blankets, drafts, pillows, mattresses, toothbrushes, …
      • Nutrition is calculated in accordance with the actual medical condition and health of the elderly and is divided into at least 5 meals / day (including 3 main meals and 2 snacks).
      • Participate in scheduled day activities that are age-appropriate and healthy for the elderly.
      • Elderly people participate in activities under the theme “Happy life – Healthy life – Long life” and interact with students, students of universities or other organizations at the large hall or garden of the Institute.
      • Binh My Tourism Institute regularly celebrates major holidays / year and monthly birthday celebrations for the elderly. Visiting organizations, …



3.1. Subjects receiving care:

    • Strong or frail elderly people are incapable of self-service.
    • Patients with complications have been stabilized at the hospital (paralysis, eating and drinking through the tube, open tracheoscopy, living plants …)
    • People with disabilities, dementia, old age psychosis …

3.2. Procedures for admission to the Institute:

    • There is a relative to sponsor, whose name is on the contract.
    • ID card / CCCD + Family record book of the sponsor’s relative. (Original)
    • ID card / CCCD + Family registration book of older persons. (Original)
    • Health insurance (if any) of the elderly. (Original)
    • Passport for foreigners. (Original)
    • Medical records of the elderly. (if)




5.1. For the Elderly:

    • Be respectful and courteous to medical staff, staff and everyone in the room.
    • Keep the place clean, tidy, and not littering.
    • Maintaining security and general order, not receiving guests in the room during breaks; not quarreling, fighting to cause disorder; do not speak loudly, do not walk, do not turn on the radio or television to make noise during breaks; do not stay up late at 9 o’clock; do not get up early and turn on early lights (before 5am).
    • Ensuring activities in accordance with the daily schedule of the Center
    • Do not voluntarily leave the Institute without following the prescribed procedures.
    • Do not bring valuable assets into the Institute. If there are assets or cash from VND 50,000, they must report and send the procedures to the Institute for preservation. If you do not send or lose your property, the Institute will not be responsible.
    • The tools’ personal clothing will be individually marked and used under the management of the service staff.
    • Consciously preserve and keep living utensils in the room and shared utensils at the Institute. Not to arbitrarily change or move personal belongings contrary to the arrangement of the Institute.
    • Do not drink alcohol or beer at the Institute, it is strictly forbidden to smoke in the room.
    • Not to arbitrarily keep drugs, food without the consent of the service staff. When taking medications, there must be the guidance and supervision of caregivers.

5.2. For Elderly Relatives:

    • Visiting time for the Elderly:
      – Morning: From 7:00 to 11:00.
      – Afternoon: 14:00 – 17:00.
      – When visiting, the elderly must register their information in the visiting diary.
    • Should not visit during lunch break and evening (after 9pm).
    • Do not arbitrarily bring personal belongings and personal belongings of the elderly out of the Institute without the consent of the management staff.
    • Don’t smoke in the Nursing Home.
    • Do not arbitrarily give gifts to the elderly without the consent of the management staff.
    • Do not give money, alcohol or tobacco to the elderly. If there are gifts or cash sent to the elderly, they must record in the diary to visit and hand them over to the office department.
    • Absolutely do not give money to the service staff.
    • Not arbitrarily entering and leaving the areas outside the area of the elderly.
    • Do not manually view the documents and books of the Institute without the consent of the Institute’s management staff.
    • In case of taking the elderly to go home to play, they must notify the Institute at least 01 day in advance and follow the prescribed procedures. The Institute only deals with picking the elderly out of the Institute with the contract signer. In case the person signing the contract is not able to pick it up, a power of attorney certified by the working agency or local authority is required.


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