30June 2018

Prevention for the elderly in the rainy season

During the transition from the dry season to the rainy season, the elderly often suffer from many diseases related to respiratory, digestive, cardiovascular, blood pressure …

Doctor Do Thi Xuan Huong, Head of Aging – Psychiatry at Nguyen Tri Phuong Hospital, Ho Chi Minh City, said: The weakness in the elderly’s self-protection becomes more apparent when the weather changes, especially is during the interim season between dry and rainy seasons.

At this time, the elderly can suffer from all kinds of diseases, but the most common are diseases related to the respiratory tract, followed by diseases of the gastrointestinal tract, some also affect the heart, increased blood. pressure and easier to stroke.

The function of the organs in the body of the elderly is reduced, so the disease is easy to attack, especially diseases related to the respiratory tract. The majority of patients with these diseases have a history of infection in an area of ​​the respiratory tract caused by bacteria, viruses, fungi … and the weather modifier plays a role in promoting the further reducing adaptability, reducing the body’s already weakened resistance, making the elderly more susceptible to disease and the progression of the disease is often rapid and severe. Common respiratory diseases in the elderly during the rainy season range from the mildest being acute rhinitis, which only manifests as sneezing, runny nose, sore throat, cough, low fever, can go away on its own or just take a few tablets common cold medicine; More severe is bronchitis, which manifests itself in high fever, cough, sometimes with wheezing, difficulty breathing, requires hospitalization; The most severe is pneumonia which usually occurs in the debilitated elderly with manifestations leading to respiratory failure and death.

Therefore, the elderly should not be underestimated for mild infections, as the distance from mild to severe is not very far and may be the way to end the lives of the majority of elderly patients.

The elderly must pay special attention to maintaining their health during the dry to rainy season transition


Measures to prevent and care for the elderly in this rainy season

Seasonal change from dry to rainy is the time when the elderly can easily develop diseases but they can still be prevented. Many old people cannot take care of themselves, so their families and children have to take responsibility for taking care of the health of their parents and grandparents.

According to Dr. Xuan Huong, first of all, it is necessary for the elderly to eat enough food, get enough sleep, exercise regularly and keep the spirits up.

Ensuring a nutritious diet, fortifying with fruits and vegetables rich in vitamin C: oranges, grapefruit, lemons, tangerines, pears, apples, tomatoes, salads, beans …

To prevent respiratory disease, the elderly need to wear warm, sleep warm, avoid drafts, avoid sudden changes in ambient temperature from hot to cold, the elderly cannot help it up, such as keeping the air conditioner too cold. , sleep and turn on the fan all night or soak the rain for too long … The elderly should also limit leaving the house early in the morning when it is still cold or monsoon season, exercising or walking, being physically active indoors is fine . charcoal.

Daily oral hygiene, regular brushing before and after waking up, mouthwash with physiological saline in the elderly with gingivitis and periodontal disease.

Need to quit smoking, waterpipe tobacco, especially the elderly have been suffering from chronic diseases such as sore throat, bronchitis, asthma, sinusitis and atopic weakness.

Regularly check-up for general and oral health, early detection of disease for timely treatment.


(Source: geriatrics and psychiatry at Nguyen Tri Phuong Hospital)

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