20July 2019

Help the elderly to prevent diseases in the summer

The hot, stuffy and unpleasant weather of the summer will make the elderly tired, have anorexia, and reduce the resistance, so they are susceptible to disease or worsening of the disease, especially cardiovascular diseases and sugar diseases. respiratory disease, gastrointestinal disease. Therefore, the elderly need to exercise reasonable diet, exercise and rest to avoid the risk of disease in the summer.

Follow a reasonable diet: Elderly people should eat regularly from 4-5 meals / day and avoid eating more in one meal, reduce pressure on the stomach for the digestive system to work easily and effectively, helping the body absorb nutrients better. Eat more resistant, protein-rich foods such as meat, fish, shrimp, crab, tofu … At the same time, the elderly need to add fresh fruits, green vegetables to provide more vitamins and minerals. . Should drink water regularly and fully (average about 1.5-2 liters of water / day). Always eat cooked, boiled drink, absolutely do not use cold food will harm the digestive system. Limit foods such as: processed foods, fried foods, fried foods, fats, animal organs, raw foods (raw vegetables, salads, …), alcoholic drinks, carbonated drinks, cigarettes, the coffee.


Tập luyện điều độ, hợp lý: Elderly people should choose for themselves a suitable exercise, not too hard such as walking, jogging, barefoot exercise, yoga, yoga, at least 20 minutes / day combined with deep breathing. Should practice in the early morning or evening, when the shade is cool. Depending on the weather conditions, you can practice gently indoors, in the garden or places with favorable conditions such as parks, clubs and should come to these places to practice and meet friends. exchange, confide to relieve a part of the frustration or learn from each other’s experiences in preserving and protecting health.

Keep it clean: NElderly people need to keep clean, wash regularly every day with warm water to protect their health and minimize the risk of skin diseases. The living space and living space should also be clean, cool, away from drafts, and away from animals that can mediate disease transmission.

Get a good rest: Elderly people need to relax, get enough sleep, be punctual, regularly listen to music, listen to the radio, watch comedy movies, join old-age clubs to be mentally comfortable and happy. When there are signs of disease, need to seek immediate medical advice and treatment./.

(Source: SoyteNamDinh)

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