20 April 2021

Skin ulcers in the elderly

Skin ulcer disease in the elderly (NCT) is very common because the resistance of the elderly is greatly reduced compared to other ages, in addition, inadequate skin nutrition or pigmentation due to Age also causes other diseases such as itching, shingles, psoriasis … However, if you know how to keep clean, this common skin problem can be completely limited.

Many causes of skin ulcers in older persons

In the skin ulcers in the elderly, skin ulcers of the lower extremities account for a very high rate (about 70%) due to the weakening of the one-way valve system of the leg veins, making it difficult for blood to return to the heart, blood accumulation causes skin ulcers. in the lower leg. It can occur on one side or both sides of the leg. It may also present with ulcers in the inner ankle skin due to stagnation of the underlying vein. The outer ankle of the elderly can also have ulcers, outer ankle ulcers are related to trauma that causes ulcers due to unsteady walking causing tripping, slippage or weakened lower limb arteries … Some The elderly due to lying for a long time due to a number of diseases such as stroke, fracture injury to immobilization or a cast to lie for a long time. Weakness, unable to move, unable to change position or wanting to move, wanting to change position but without support, areas that are pressed a lot are also prone to ulcers such as the buttocks, shoulder blades, and ribs. , occipital region, heel …

These types of skin ulcers in the elderly due to pressure are mainly due to the lack of nutrients in the skin because the blood has not circulated for a long time. Some older persons have skin ulcers that can be due to malnutrition due to poor diet (lack of both quantity, quality) or inability to eat due to disease, so the muscle layer, the fat layer under the skin is much thinner If there is a lot of pressure, the skin will get ulcerated. In some elderly people who lose pain sensation due to spinal injury, cerebral vascular accident can also cause skin ulcers. Today, people often refer to skin ulcers in diabetic patients because blood vessels in some areas such as diabetic feet are damaged, preventing blood from reaching, causing skin ulcers. Some elderly people due to poor sanitation status because of old age, weak strength and no one to care for, daily hygiene and bathing are also prone to skin ulcers.

NCT còn có thể gặp bệnh da nào khác không?

Elderly, resistance is significantly reduced by age, so the skin of the elderly becomes wrinkled, reduced elasticity, drier, so the skin of the elderly is very susceptible to disease. The most common disease is pruritus. Itching can be purely due to decreased hormones in the body (eg, testosterol), but pruritus in the elderly can also be caused by atopic dermatitis. Most of the elderly often suffer from keratosis, which makes the skin surface in that area become dry and rough. NCT may also have shingles – a disease caused by the Zoster virus, shingles can also cause ulcers in patches, causing pain and possibly bacterial infection. Psoriasis is also a very common disease in the elderly, the elderly can also get vitiligo due to the loss of melamine in the skin, making the skin white like the color of the paper. In addition, people also encounter a number of skin diseases in the elderly such as autoimmune disease, red skin disease exfoliating, vitiligo, ringworm or skin cancer. Among the skin diseases in the elderly, skin ulcers are one of the diseases that cause a lot of trouble not only for the patient but also for the whole family.

Hygiene is an effective measure to prevent skin diseases in the elderly

Depending on the cause, there are measures to prevent skin ulcers for the elderly. When the EL has to lie down for a long time, even unable to sit up, family members and caregivers need to change positions for the patient. The areas with a lot of pressure should be cleaned and massaged daily. If possible, give the patient a special mattress for people who lie for a long time with little movement (for example, use a steam or water cushion). Some antibiotic ointments can be applied to the sore area to prevent infection. Do not overdo sleeping pills for the elderly who are at risk of skin ulcers because taking sleeping pills will make the patient reduce movements, even change position while lying down. The elderly with diabetes always pay attention to check their feet every day for ulcers. They need to choose soft and tight shoes and sandals to use. The elderly, when suffering from varicose veins in their legs, need to see a doctor for treatment and advice on what is necessary, should not be subjective.

Nutrition for the elderly to prevent skin ulcers is also a very important thing to pay attention to. Therefore, it is necessary to have a reasonable diet to have enough energy, rich in protein, rich in vitamins and minerals. However, enhancing the resistance for the elderly has many different measures, but depends on the conditions and circumstances of each person. Eating enough quality and quantity with each meal is very important. In the meals should limit eating meat but increase eating fish, vegetables and fruits. Fish, vegetables and fruits have a lot of nutrients that are necessary for all organs in the body because they provide vitamins, and high fiber in vegetables is the type that contributes to the fight against constipation in NCT. Besides following a good and regular diet, you must always keep your personal hygiene, such as bathing and changing clothes every day.

(Source: vinmec)