18April 2019

Should the elderly choose a nursing home or stay at home with their children and grandchildren?

Modern life is so busy that you have to consider nursing homes when preparing for old age or caring for loved ones? Whether you decide to stay home or go to a nursing home, you should do your homework to ensure the best possible care.

Entering middle age, most of us have to deal with the panic of the elderly when our health is no longer the same. Will you live with your children or choose a nursing home? If you need to care for your loved one, when you are sick, when should you take your grandparents or parents into a nursing home?

If you are still wondering, let’s find out when you should choose a nursing home with Hello Bacsi!

Where should you choose a nursing home?

A nursing home (or nursing home) is a facility that provides care and support for elderly people with specific health conditions or daily living difficulties. Nursing facilities can be public, private, or charitable organizations.

Nursing homes are often an option for families with economic conditions but do not have time to care for loved ones. The decision to put a loved one in a nursing home is not always an option that shuns the responsibility of care, and depending on the different circumstances you will have to deal with it appropriately.

Where should not choose nursing homes

Many people experience guilt and anxiety at the thought of planning a loved one in nursing home. You may have thought that you would volunteer to take care of your loved one for the rest of your life. In addition, worries about nursing home care that are not qualified or meet your needs can make you even more insecure.

In fact, not everyone easily agrees to leave home to live in a foreign place for the rest of their life. Many people hope that the remaining short life is the time to spend with their relatives and take care of their children and grandchildren. The decision to bring a grandparent or a parent to a nursing home can bring emotional trauma, inadvertently making the elderly think of themselves as a “burden” in the subconscious of a loved one.

If you still have the time and the financial resources, you should arrange care for your loved one instead of going to a nursing home.

Where should consider a nursing home

Although choosing home care will bring more fullness of gratitude, you can still think about the benefits of a nursing home when it is not possible to take care of your loved one 24/24 as desired. You may consider enrolling in a nursing home in the following situations:

  • Elderly people often wander outside and get lost.
  • Older people find it difficult to move.
  • The doctor recommends that the elderly go to a nursing home.
  • The caregiver shows signs of exhaustion and is unable to continue.
  • An upcoming surgery or medical procedure requires ongoing care.
  • Alzheimer’s disease progresses to hurt others or exhibit other behaviors such as paranoia or frequent anger.
  • Weakening physical or emotional health includes conditions such as high blood pressure, heart rhythm disturbances, headaches, gastrointestinal problems, anxiety, and depression.

Nursing home services can be more secure when the elderly need 24-hour special care.

The following are cases of force majeure that must choose a nursing home:

  • Older people suffer from dementia.
  • Patients need 24/24 follow-up care.
  • Caregiver seriously ill, injured or died.

If one or more of these symptoms occur, it may be time for you or a loved one to consider moving into a nursing home.

How to choose a reliable nursing home

In order to choose a nursing home for long-term care, you should keep the following factors in mind:

1. Nursing home location

You should choose a nursing home located near your home so that you can easily visit loved ones regularly and provide timely support in case of urgent need.

In addition, the size of the nursing home also plays an important role. Large and large place will have enough space to create comfort and relaxation for the elderly.

2. Service provided

Almost all nursing homes offer long-term care, but service and care packages will be different. It is important that you choose a place that offers good support for your loved one to improve your quality of life. Some services you can refer to include:

  • Food support during mealtimes.
  • Selection and planning of activities.
  • Diet according to choice needs.
  • Special health care services for people with memory problems, memory recovery …

3. Staff attitude and expertise

The staff will be the ones to ensure the safety of your loved one, so attitude, expertise and professionalism are of paramount importance. You should observe, seek skilled nursing and personal care staff, and show respect for the elderly. You can observe whether the staff knocked on the door before entering the room and called the residents by their names.

Things you should consider about nursing home workers include:

  • A licensed nurse is required on site at all hours of each day.
  • Make sure the nurses and nursing assistants are tailored to the needs of you and your loved one.
  • Check with the manager to make sure the nursing home is not hiring a nursing caregiver who has a record of patient abuse or neglect.

You should consider avoiding facilities with features such as:

  • Dirty, smelly place, poor facilities.
  • Always have trouble communicating with loved ones or managers.
  • Hear the staff at the nursing home complaining about working tired, too hard.
  • Have a history of violations such as abuse, inadequate care …

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